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So what does the ritual actually look like?

It's important to remember that we will be working with energy and that everyone is different so the sessions will vary slightly depending on the person, but they will go something like this..

  • We get settled and enjoy some herbal tea

  • We'll then ground and protect ourselves

  • We spend a moment taking in the energy and connecting to spirit/ higher energies/ our intuition

  • Some tarot cards will be pulled and we will get to know you and your situation

  • I will design you a tattoo based off of what I have heard and believe to be the most effective image for you

  • Once we decide on placement we get you ready with a cleansing and proceed with the tattoo

  • We close the ceremony by consulting the Angel oracle deck for any last advice going forward.

The ceremonies can also include a ceremonial burning of any bad thoughts, patterns or negative feelings you need to rid yourself of if we feel it necessary

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