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About Me


My name is Lucy and I am a tattoo artist in south Devon, England.

I have always been surrounded with new age ideas and products and interested in the ancient ways of life; the uses of crystals and herbs and the energy in nature.

I also believe in a higher power and spirit all around us, I am currently developing my mediumship skills and hoping to bring this to the forefront of the ritual in the future.

So I decided to merge my passions, my love of tattoo which has helped me heal over the years, with tarot and higher energies to create something magick for others to benefit from as well. X


A chance to connect 

Meadowsweet is designed to be an intuitive, spiritual tattoo experience; a ritual intended to inspire, heal and guide the client through a difficult time using the medium of tattoo. 

Each tattoo is specifically designed and infused with the intention of the client to act as a reminder of who we really are and what we can achieve.


For example, Flowers and wild herbs are widely used as my inspiration for the tattoos for their magical and medicinal properties. I channel their spiritual meanings to create a tattoo that the wearer can then embody. These tattoos act as a symbol and a reminder of our own beauty.

Its a gentle process where we will explore using tarot and meditation and finish with seeking advice from the Angels to help you move forward. For a full plan of the session please go to The Ceremony page


Lucy x 

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